Over Thanksgiving Break we arranged a Community Salt Firing and invited students from the ceramics and sculpture departments to put work in the kiln and help with the firing. It was a great opportunity to work with our peers over the break, give thanks for our clay community, and have fun!

…. Many hands made lighter work.


(My set of six double lidded jars: ready for grolleg terra sig and some salt firing)


(We bricked the door in record time)

(and spray painted the peeps and salt ports G-Timock Style)


(paper-clay door)


(burners on)


(the crack in the side of the arch)


(Gabriel & Bowie bait the kiln…)


(I fished out the draw rings post salting)


(Cooling:—-> The paper clay door post firing)


(detail of paper clay door, post firing)


(the crowd checks out the results)


(the fired stack)


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  1. October 16, 2008

    I honestly cannot believe this salt kiln is still standing. When I was at KCAI (98-02) we thought it was in its final days. Good to see your photos. Keep up the good work.

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