On February 14th, Brock DeBoer, Gabriel Reed and I trekked out to the Epsten Gallery at Village Shalom to participate in their Artists On-Site demonstration program. We presented an afternoon of ceramic wheel-throwing and slip casting demonstrations to the residents of the retirement community and members of the ceramics community and public who were in attendance.

The demonstrations were held in conjunction with the exhibition Remembering Beauty: The Ceramic Work of Victor Babu. The three of us set up mini-studios in the social hall at Village Shalom. The audience arrived before we had even finished setting up! We introduced and explained specific techniques we each use in our own work, as well as materials and tools for creating wheel-thrown and press and slip mold processes. The audience asked us all sorts of questions… ranging from the technical aspects of working with ceramics to why and how we got started with clay. Each of us displayed finished pieces of our work before and during the event to help the event attendees understand the process of ceramics from wet clay to fired and finished pieces.

The event was a great learning opportunity for everyone. I enjoyed working alongside two of my friends for an afternoon while explaining the materials and processes that link our friendships. Thanks to Marcus Cain, The Epsten Gallery, and the Kansas City Jewish Museum for a great opportunity!


(Marcus Cain [right], Epsten Gallery Curator, helped lead the conversation.)


(wedge, wedge, wedge…)


(Brock breaks from potting to talk about his work)




(Gabriel [right] demonstrated slip casting techniques.)


(Brock finishes his last demo piece)


(Finishing a row of ruffles and scallops)


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