Our show was reviewed in this week’s Pitch!  Nathan and I were excited, considering the number of shows that opened on First Friday and only four reviews were published in The Pitch this week…

“Sensual Artifacts Much of the fired pottery in this exhibit is displayed workshop-style, on faux makeshift work tables built from raw planks, emphasizing the artists’ relationships with their craft. Nathan Brunson’s pottery comments on the interplay of utilitarianism and aesthetics; his salt-fired stoneware tea canisters suggest a practical purpose for which they are unlikely to be used. In “Ritual Hydration,” eight stoneware water cups, a stone dipper, and a matching stoneware flagon filled with water have sharply defined lines and a deliberateness of form that contrasts somewhat with the work of Tyra Forker, whose enigmatic “Self Portrait” series of top-heavy reduction-fired stoneware vases is smoother and more organic. If the sensuality of Brunson’s work comes from the implied tactility of use, that in Forker’s pieces comes from organic, curvilinear designs. Through Nov. 30 at the KCAI Crossroads Gallery, 1908 Main. (Chris Packham)”

Click here to read this week’s reviews on The Pitch’s website…


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