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Opening Reception: June 6, 6-9 pm (First Friday)

The exhibition runs through June 28th…

Our regular gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm

(please visit to view more images of the exhibition…)

“Cups are one of the most used and most intimate objects in our kitchen. The connection people have with particular cups corresponds heavily with our memory of time spent alone or with others during our daily rituals of coffee or tea. Guest curator Lynn Smiser Bowers has brought together the work of thirty-six ceramic artists from around the country who each have their own individual approach to the drinking vessel. From sculptural works to a focus purely on function, at least one of the approaches is sure to captivate.”

Participating artists include: Lynn Smiser Bowers, Al King, Andy Shaw, Bede Clarke, Ben Stout, Brenda Quinn, Charity Davis-Woodard, Chris Gustin, Christa Assad, David Pier, Deb Schwartzkopf, Marie Deborah Wald, George Timock, Helen Otterson, Jose Sierra, Julia Galloway, Julie Johnson, Karen Swyler, Kari Radasch, Kevin Snipes, Kristin Kieffer, Liz Smith, Margaret Bohls, Marlene Jack, Matt Long, Meredith Host, Nathan Carris Carnes, Pete Pinnell, Rachel Euting, Richard Burkett, Ryan Greenheck, Scott Lykens, Stacy Snyder, Steven Roberts, Tara Dawley, and Tyra Forker

(Central pedestal, clockwise from top: Ryan Greenheck, Pete Pinnell, Kari Radasch, Liz Smith and David Pier)

(My contribution to the exhibition: “Highballs”, salt fired stoneware with iron inclusions and glaze)

(South end of the gallery, L to R: Brenda Quinn, Matt Long, Lynn Smiser Bowers and Rachel Euting)

(Two of my favorite cups in the exhibition… left cup: “Cat mug with guts” and right cup: “Cat mug with molecule” by Kevin Snipes)

(A group of some of my favorites from the exhibition. Right pair of earthenware mugs, titled “Legs” by Scott Lykens)

(Lower L to R: Charity Davis-Woodard, Andy Shaw, David Pier, Ben Stout, Jose Sierra)

(east side of the gallery)

(Clockwise from Top: Richard Burkett, Christa Assad, and Margaret Bohls)

(L to R: Debbie Wald, Marlene Jack, George Timock, Julia Galloway, Chris Gustin, Helen Otterson, Meredith Host…)