I was just re-reading a section on “Feet” for bowls by Clay Illian in A Potter’s Workbook:

Page no. 54: “Choosing the right tools and catching the clay at the perfect degree of wetness allows the metal tool to speak with its own voice, with its own gesture.  Treat even the insides of foot rings with respect.  When bowls are turned over they should reveal pleasing shapes fashioned with bold strokes of the turning tool.  The difference between the thrown surface and the turned surface is subtle but enhancing.  Sometimes glazes react differently to the two surfaces, and this can be a wonderful thing.  Polishing the surface after you have turned it so that it resembles the thrown surface is usually counterproductive.”

She puts it so well.  I think it was just maybe the unexpected reminder I needed before heading to the studio to trim some porcelain bowls…