(We hit up Arizona, before NCECA, to make a road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.  It was an amazing journey and a whirlwind trip… I left Detroit in a spring slush/snow storm and arrived in sunny and hot Phoenix; we hit the road as soon as we hopped off the plane and made it to the Grand Canyon just in time for the sunset!  We stopped along the way for a visit to a white buffalo ranch, they let us in to see the beasts even though they were packing up to move to Oregon.




5webgcd(Little did I know that this atlas would later double as a blanket when it was actually too cold to be sleeping in the car at the Grand Canyon! Talk about multipurpose packing for an adventure.)

6webgcg(Grand Canyon!)

7webgcb(Grand Canyon!  We made it in time for the sunset!)

8webgcf(Red Rocks outside Sedona, AZ.  The drive from the Grand Canyon back to Phoenix was unbelievably beautiful!)

Well, I didn’t take any pictures in Phoenix at NCECA… not one single photograph.  It was great to see everyone, catch up with friends, and make new connections.  As always, I’m looking forward to next year.  Can’t wait to run up the stairs like Rocky in 2010.  ha!