Last Saturday, September 29th, we made the trek down to Pittsburg, Kansas (2 1/2 hours south of Kansas City) for a celebration of Jun Kaneko’s kiln openings and completion of a project at Mission Clay Products. The picture below is of the first space we walked into upon arriving, about half of the dangos in the room are visible in this shot.


The landscape of the factory, with its beehive kilns and piles and piles of ceramic pipes were beautiful in the afternoon light.






Ceramic dust monkeys perched on the top of one of the kilns to enjoy dinner and refreshments…


Thomas and I visited with this large piece. The kiln was still warm!!



It was refreshing to visit southern Kansas for an afternoon/evening. The landscape and drive were beautiful. It was great to see the kilns in which Kaneko’s large pieces were fired. The Kansas sunset was amazing. We even stopped on the drive home to look at a sky filled with more stars than I had ever seen before.



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  1. albertoveronica #
    October 9, 2007

    That man there in the red dress shirt is made of lemon jingerbreadcottoncandy. whenever it rains he melts and becomes one with the ground. I have rarely seen him in person, every time I try to find him I end up with mud-covered hands. I lost him a little while ago please help me find him if he disappears for too long he won’t be able to go back to his former form. Also the heads in the show weren’t as good as the flattened dinosaur eggs. I feel the cold coming, winter approaches faster than usual. May we all be prepared

  2. kevin s #
    October 9, 2007

    nice bloggy thing! -one of these days I’d like to have one of my very own… I especially like the quality of the images. Do you have a really good camera or just a really good eyeball, I wonder? I also like that your blog is not completely focused on art. Landscape, people and the sense of wonderment- dat’s hot!

  3. October 10, 2007

    Great blog Tyra! A fan named Mo

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