2008 Ceramix Department, Senior Exhibition

2008 KCAI Ceramics Department Senior Exhibition

@ the Richard J. Stern Ceramics Building, 4410 Warwick Boulevard

May 9 though 17

Featuring the work of Tyra Forker, Bryan Morris, Steven Nichols, Sara Ream, and Casey Whittier…

(View of exhibition installation, looking north)

(View of exhibition installation, looking south)




(Terra cotta bowls by Sara Ream)

(Terra cotta bowls by Sara Ream)

(Floor installation by Bryan Morris)

(A view looking south into the exhibition space)

(Pieces by Casey Whittier)

(Vases from the Suggestive series and a table top object. Salt fired white stoneware, slip & glaze. Left vases feature hand-drawn white ruffle decals.)

(Highballs, salt fired white stoneware with iron inclusions + glaze)

(A detail of the cups: perfect tumblers for juice, whiskey, etc…)

(Anthropomorphic Vases, salt fired white stoneware + glaze)

(Gender Jars, salt fired stoneware + glaze)